Beach Massage Services

We offer massage on Camps Bay and Clifton 3rd beach, throughout the summer months.

Trade is directly on the beach under a gazebo spa-like structure, setup, manned, operated and taken down by staff every day.
We offer 20- and 40- minute massages for back, neck and shoulders and 20 min for legs.
Longer massage is available on request, conditions permitting.

We all do the same massage using our own effective house style. All staff are trained and assessed to the same standard. You will receive the same quality of massage from any one of our staff.
And our aim is that it’s the best massage you will ever receive. We believe our massage is arguably the best of its kind.

All staff have or are completing massage studies, and are placed on a supervised, rigorous voluntary apprenticeship program called the Hand-up Hands-on Apprenticeship Opportunity. The team is supervised by Mark Vella, owner and Managing Director of MOTB, who has 19 years of qualification, practice and teaching experience.

For your safety in this environment, we use no perfumes or aromatherapy oils
We put no oil in your hair, and you will not have to expose any nudity. We will safeguard your valuables during the massage.

Please note, MASSAGE ON THE BEACH are the only licensed massage site on Camps Bay and Clifton 3rd Beach.

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