The HuHo Program

Going into its 9th year, MASSAGE ON THE BEACH is social enterprise based on Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town, having served over 8000 clients from over 72 countries.

In turn, MASSAGE ON THE BEACH supports the Hand-up Hands-on Apprenticeship Program (HuHo), a unique, not for profit organisation that allows students working at MASSAGE ON THE BEACH the opportunity to earn whilst they learn.

Students complete a 4- module training program which runs the full duration of the season. The program runs from roughly from September to May each year, commencing with training orientation, followed by modules in self-development, business acumen and personal strategy. In the final module the apprentice learns to organise and structure their learning from the first three modules, to develop a personal vision and strategy for their career future.

The program includes in-service training, reading lists, weekly lessons, assignments, and small business projects.

Apprentices learn how to develop their own small business and/or work successfully within a business. They learn in a real-world small business providing world standard service. Further to this, the program aims to develop the individuals potential to create value and wealth in there personal, family and community lives.

The program is an ideal companion to formal massage/beauty therapy studies. This program is unique in South Africa, and as far we know, internationally.

HuHo is a not-for-profit organisation, funded by sponsors including Mark Vella who is also the founder and current Managing Director.

The apprentice’s education is provided free, whilst they earn for work done during their practical shifts at MASSAGE ON THE BEACH.

The program started with 1 apprentice in 2006, followed by 2 in 2007, 4 in 2008 and 4 in 2009. 2010 sees 10 students on the program.

To facilitate the growth of the program, additional sites were permitted by the Cape Town City Council in 2009, in Camps Bay, as well as Clifton 3rd beach in 2010. These is managed by MOTB and run by the students of the HuHo program.

HuHo is an equal opportunity program committed to social equity and development.

Candidates are chosen on the basis of potential, commitment, attitude and character with the belief that skills and abilities can be developed from thereon. Requirements for eligible candidates include current qualification or completion of studies in massage or beauty therapy, and qualities of character including stability, commitment, conscientiousness, the ability to cope with a dynamic environment and a sound work ethic. Candidates must be non-smokers and have a healthy disposition.

Students are able to use the program to fulfil internship requirements of formal studies.

Please note: All available apprenticeships for 2010-11 have been filled. You are however welcome to contact us, to keep abreast of future opportunities

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