Around full moon or new moon, if the wind conditions are right, the high tide can wipe out the whole beach.

A couple of season ago, some people were able to jetski down the beach road after a particularly bad flooding in winter.

It’s not a tsunami, but you can put your towel down in the morning close to the seas, and find yourself being swept wet by a lunchtime wave. Ask us, we will tell you. Our business depends on that knowledge and we are happy to share it.

These strong tides can also be accompanied by strong backwash.
Whilst this may seem tricvial, recent spring tides, combined with the summer solitice, caused tidal wash string enough to take the life of a 7-year old playing on the shoreline. Far less significant, but many cellphones, wallets and shoes get taken by the sea this way

Tide cycles are approximately 6 hours, i.e. 6 hours between peak high and peak low, with 12 hours from low to low again, or high or high again.
Each day the tides are about an hour later.
So if its high tide today at 4pm, it will be high tide tommorow at about 5pm.

Please note we have a daily weather report on our blog. Alternatively the Cape Times morning newspaper has as accurate a weather and tide report as you will get. Online, you can find weather and tide information on www.weather24.co.za

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