Buyer Beware

A quick count of all the people walking around selling stuff on a busy day, hints at you there are many are not licensed traders.
The people selling all the African curios, fake sunglasses (yes of course they are dubious – an Oakley sunglasses for R200?) and other paraphernalia, …many are illegal traders. Also dubious are the many requests for charitable donations.

The issue often is not what is sold (expect in the case of fraudulent requests, or fake imports), but rather that these traders do not pay licence fees and abide by trade rules as the legal traders do. In a land such as South Africa this is a constant dilemma; taking business away from legal traders, vs. giving people and opportunity, albeit it via illegal means.

Please also note that in South Africa, buying stolen goods is a crime itself, and ignorance is no defence. Although this seldom gets acted on, ask yourself if, through the choice you are making, if South Africans are genuinely better off through this action.

Please note MASSAGE ON THE BEACH is the only legitimate massage trader on Camps Bay beach.

There are many issues around the refreshments traders.
Every once in a while the issue of overcharging customers makes the newspapers, and then dies down again till next season. Knowing shop prices helps.

The problem partly lies in that there is no fixed price, rather a recommend price. Whilst suppliers and licence holders are assured of their margins, the roving seller makes his money off the top, and so the more charged, the more made.

There is a Beach Inspectors office on the seaside, in front of the tidal pool, just past Pick n’ Pay and Primmi Piatti, where you could complain to, although the inspector himself is often out on patrol. Note the police station is across the road too. It’s open 24/7.

Finally, you can also call the Department of Bathing and Amenties of the City Council to lodge a legitimate complaint against a trader.

Legitimate traders should have a bib with a number which you report them, on, although these are often not worn or swopped around. It can be frustrating.

At the same time we urge before you complain, consider if you have been fair in your dealings too. Working on the beach and relaxing on the beach are not the same experience.

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