Beach Amenities

Camps Bay beach is divided into 6 sections called CB 1-6. CB 1 is on the Sea Point side, CB 6 on the Hout Bay side.

For each section, there is trader licensed for deck chairs , umbrellas and cushions. The general price in recent years is R25 each, for an umbrella, chair and cushion.
Note too, they generally close at 6pm on hot days in season, but earlier if the weather isn’t great. In peak Summer, the sun goes down just after 8pm.
Also the general rule of thumb is that your get umbrellas etc from the trader in that section, i.e. you can’t ask a chap in CB2 to give you umbrellas in CB4

Enjoy the early morning deck chair art, as each trader tries to outdo the other in beautiful configurations and patterns.
As for recommendations, I can testify that Maruwaan on CB2 gives fantastic service, But so do many of the others whom I am not as familiar with.

There is also a refreshments licencee for each section, who is also allowed two roving traders.

Be patient with the traders. Not all speak English well, its not their
mother tongue (SA has 11 official languages!).
Additionally, there are complex inner politics and cultural customs which you may not be familiar with, that may result in strange behaviour too. They work genuinely long hours, in conditions of sometimes blistering heat and sandy wind, with many people often being unfriendly and impatient to them. They also don’t get paid much. So have a heart, whilst you are relaxing and suntanning, they are serving you.

Should you have a complaint, you can direct this to the patrolling law enforcement officers. There is also a Beach Inspectors office on the beach front, just opposite Primmi Piatti Restaurant, where you could complain to, although the inspector himself is often out on patrol. Note the police station is across the road too. It’s open 24/7.

Note that most of the traders selling sunglasses (yes, they are fake), wirework etc are not licensed traders, and as such are illegal traders. The problem is not what they sell (aside from the fakes), its that they don’t pay the fees abide by the rules that licenced traders do. Furthermore, South Africa, buying stolen goods is a crime itself, and ignorance is no defence.

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