In season, car break-ins and beach theft are common

Don’t leave valuable exposed in your car. Unfortunately, tourists are often followed and make easier targets.

Theft on the beach on our side of the beach has reduced somewhat over the years, mainly due to policing by some of the beach traders.

The typical method of stealing your beach goods is, 1-3 young guys working in unison, looking like they innocently are walking to the other side of the beach, sometimes whilst kick a soccer ball etc.

As they walk past an opportune bag left unattended etc, with sleight of hand they pick it up and carry on walking.

Another method is to lie on the beach, relax and watch people, usually placed on the seaside of people. At the opportune moment, when your attention is focused elsewhere, they walk up towards the road past you and pick it up, and are gone.

Remember they are looking at what you are not. They are patient and blend in.

There is more to this that meets the eye. There is good evidence to suggest that some thieves work in unison, and that a central spotter and boss who ‘owns the beach’  sits on the grass, and thieves steal for a part share etc. there are some random thieves also who steal out desperation.

Take the basic precautions.

Avoid obvious flashiness. Take your valuables with you when you go to the restrooms, restaurant etc. If you leave your bag behind it may be stolen, even if its empty, because  its thought to have valuable in it.

Cell phones, IPods and cameras are favourites.

For car security, if you have a car alarm, you are generally secure. However, don’t leave obvious valuables lying around in your car, especially at night or when at the beach. And for faceless radios, don’t simply remove the face and put in the cubbyhole. Every thief knows to look there.

For restaurant safety, if you sit outside, don’t leave your cell or wallet on the table. Watch your bag at your feet if on the pavement side of a restaurant. Remember thieves look where you don’t, sleight of hand and its gone.

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