Policing and Law Enforcement

In Camps Bay there are several layers of policing and law enforcement as well related services. In fact in Summer, it can be mindboggling who to call, especially when in the panic of an emergency.

Medical and emergency services are dealt with in a seperate section. So too are the services that deal with beach and sea safety and emergencies.

As far as policing and law enforcement is concerned, there are 3 main public services, namely the South African Police, Law Enforcement and Metro Police.

Additionally, there are a variety of private and community organisations, initiatives ensuring Camps Bay security.


The Camps Bay Police Station is the local office of the National Police service i.e. the South African police.

You will find the station on Victoria Rd. To find drive towards Hout Bay, on Victoria Rd. Go past the robots at Pick n’ Pay, pass Primmi Piatti Restaurant on the left, and it’s 50 meters further on your left. The parking lot is on the sea side. You will vist them, if you need to report a theft, car breakin, assault etc.

They also actively patrol the beach and surrounding areas in summer.

The beach area is also patrolled by Law Enforcement, sometimes referred to  ‘beach constables’. They also wear a blue uniform. Then there’s also the local city police called Metro Police.

These largely focus on dealing with beach theft, illegal traders, by-law offences such as dogs or alcohol on the beach etc.

You will also sometimes see Traffic Police who will solely focus on parking and traffic violation and security.

NB South Africa does not have a Tourist Police that you see in European and some Asian countries.

If you have an emergency on the beach needing any of the above, you have up to 5 quick options.

You can:

  • Approach any patrolling officer. They have radios and will activate whatever services are needed
  • Call the Camps Bay Police (see number below)
  • Call the Camps Bay Control Room (see number below)
  • Contact the Beach Hut which is manned by security services during peak summer. You will find them on the Hout Bay side of the beach opposite Paranga
  • You can contact us, i.e. MASSAGE ON THE BEACH , we have direct radio communication to these services

All of these services do their best in season to make Camps Bay safe and secure for everyone. They work whilst you relax.

Having worked with them for many years now I can say that they are better and more professional than most people give them credit. It’s not an easy job, so give them your assistance and co-operation.

Important phone numbers:

South African Police Camps Bay Office                      +27 21 437 8140/ 7

Camps Bay Control Room                                           +27 21 438 2000

Metro Police                                                               +27 21 596 1999

Law Enforcement (traffic and beach offences)          +27 21 ????


Camps Bay has a couple of  private armed response security firms. Homeowners and business contract to these, so they generally are not involved in public policing. However very often they will be first on a scene and will assist if they can.

Camps Bay also has an active Neighbourhood Watch and well run community security initiative that works closely in partnership with the police and private security firms.

Statistics show that successful Neighbourhood Watch projects, dramatically reduced crime by as much as 80%.

MASSAGE ON THE BEACH is a voluntary participant in this program.

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