Camps Bay Safety & Security

Camps Bay is a relatively wealthy suburb of Cape Town, and certainly one of the most famous in the country. Its also the most popular beach in the country. In summer it swells many times its 5000 local population.

All of these make good reason why safety and security is a concern in various areas of the community.

This section of the website is as valuable to visitors as it is useful to locals. Here you will find out who to contact if you have any emergency or security problems as well as how to be safe in Camps Bay and enjoy the most from your time here.

This includes contact  information about the medical, police and law enforcement, which days are problematic in Camps Bay, being safe at the sea, avoiding theft, what the laws are around alcohol, dogs on the beach and other common questions, as well as dealing with illegal traders. There is a summary of advice based on our experience, and the section ends with all important contact details.

Lastly, know that Camps Bay is one of the most secure and well patrolled suburbs. There is much local pride and community involvement.

Enjoy our suburb and help us keep it enjoyable for generations to come

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