Transport options: Buses and Taxi’s

On busy days, consider the value of public transport.
You have 3 options, namely public busses, mini-bus taxis, and private taxi services.

Public busses from Sea Point come along Beach Road and stop before the Pick n’ Pay robots, opposite Primmi Piatti. Those heading to Sea Point have a pick up point on the opposite side. They run erratically.
Remember in peak summer, the Beach Road is busy, and not recommended. The fare is approximately R5.50 from Camps Bay to Sea Point, for example.

Minibus taxis are a South African experience. It can be fun, crowded, interesting but sometimes unpleasant. The fare from Sea Point or Town should be R6-6.50.
Do not be intimidated in paying anymore than the standard, even if you are a tourist. You will pay the drivers assistant, not the driver.
Have change handy. They will drop you generally where you want on the route. They have a sort of terminus heading to Sea point, opposite to Pick n’ Pay

The better private taxis are booked telephonically, i.e. they will often not stop if you simply wave them down. This is not New York.
That being said, it’s a now recent trend that there are many dubious taxi drivers clogging up beach road especially on busy days. If you choose them, make sure you negotiate clear terms, before departing.

There is a free phone direct to the call centre of the Rikki service (1 particular company of private taxi using London style cabs) at Caprice restaurant. They charge R25 from Sea Point or Town to Camps Bay, very reasonable considering the hassles and cost of petrol anyway.

The phone numbers are:

Rikki’s                        Ph 0861 RIKKIS (745547)

Sea Point Taxi             Ph +27 21 434 4444

Unicab                       Ph +27 21 447 2504

Marine                        Ph +27 21 434 0 434

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