Drinking & Driving

South Africans on the whole do not have much respect or faith in the law. We don’t set the best example. The relationship between law enforcers and citizens is a continual work in progress.
Added to that, for foreign vistors its sometimes common to be more liberal in letting your hair down, when confronted by a beach front spot like Camps Bay.
As a result, drinking, driving and making a general nuisance of yourself can be common in Camps Bay.


Camps Bay however has a significant community involvement in security that has seen it becoming one of the most proactive and responsive communities from a security perspective.


With regards to alcohol intake if you intend a long day of sun, sea and then some sundowner partying imbibing cocktails like they were party snacks, then we recommend a private taxi option. All things considered its better value, especially if you share.
There are also some new services, where they will pick you and your car up and take you home. A bit more expensive than taxi’s but at least for the unexpected binge night out, it could be a life saver, …literally.


In South Africa, we have one of the highest drinking and driving accident rates in the world. Summer roadblocks have increased, and anything more than 1 drink will see you over the legal blood alchohol limit!


As far as the often accompanying rowdiness: If you do party into the night and then proceed to fetch your car, whilst singing Auld Lang Syne to a Hip Hop baseline, please remember that families are trying to sleep in the home that your car is parked in front of. Yes, people do actually live here.
They will much appreciatte you not urinating, vomiting, and fornicating in their garden road, or dumping your cars trash into the street, as much as it may at that time of the morning, be difficult to resist.


This is the single most frustrating point for locals and has seen them placing much pressure on the night venues to close, or at least closer earlier etc. So if you want that night spots to be there for you next week or next year, be a little considerate.


Many locals are part of the Neighbourhood watch, most will not think twice about calling the police.


We love Camps Bay, and we love having you here. But please remember, people live here. And one day we will visit your home.

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