Our Massage

Our house style massage brand is non-sectarian, unobtrusive and simple. We only use pure cold-pressed grapeseed oil for its easy slip factor and easy absorption into the skin.

We do not offer clinical or therapeutic services, nor make any medical claim, but we assure that our massage is a unique experience you will not easily forget.

This is because we focus on the quality of our craft, using a house style drawing from Swedish, Deep tissue, Tragerwork, Accupressure, Breathwork, Rolfing and passive mobilisation work.

We do the utmost to ensure your safety and comfort, with 25 years combined experience and qualification underpinning our service.

And to top it all, after your massage, enjoy a complimentary bottle of mineral water.

All our towels are steamed and hot washed daily for hygiene. Our oils are hermetically sealed.

And for your convenience, you can pay by Visa or Mastercard.

As for local advice on the weather, tides, restaurants, and accommodation, talk to us, and you’ll get it free and friendly from people who know the environment better than most. We do not act as agents for any services or take any commissions for our advice.

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