Our Concept

MASSAGE ON THE BEACH (MOTB) is a small social enterprise known for the value it creates for its customers, sponsors, apprentices, community and other stakeholders.
Our business is simple, and is focused on world class service that is effective and efficient, whilst remaining in harmony with our environment.
The familiar black and white gazebos have become a defining landmark and meeting place on the beach.

Our core service is a simple, understated but highly effective form of massage, a house style combining Swedish and deep tissue, with elements of Feldenkrais, Tragerwork and Rolfing. We offer 20-and 40-minute massages for back neck and shoulders, and 20 mins for legs.
Our service is  further adapted for our corporate and home massage services.

MOTB operates on systemic management principles and a 360◦ value creation strategy. We are a learning organisation.
Our measure of quality is defined by achieving exceptional value through great benefits at lower than expected costs, and delivering satisfaction through consistent performance that exceeds your expectations over time.

MOTB has 10 clearly identified stakeholders which include our customers, our staff, the Camps Bay community, our sponsors, other traders, Cape Town Tourism and the Cape Town City Council social equity program.

To each one of these stakeholders, in accordance with their needs and possibilities, of our own volition, we have committed to apply this model of quality to create value and satisfaction.
This is not just a marketing decision, it based in a deep personal philosophy of service and commitment to a higher purpose.

MOTB aims to contribute to social equity in South Africa, is an equal opportunity employer, follows the principles of sustainability, has a virtually zero carbon footprint, and seeks to enhance the quality of the Cape Town Tourism experience.

For our Camps Bay community we volunteer neighbourhood watch at our beach station. We have contributed to sea rescue efforts on several occasions, having provided resuscitation and immobilisation support on scene.

Toward social equity, we have developed and funded a not-for-profit apprenticeship program, called Hand-up Hands-on to allow for skills transfer and social upliftment in future practitioners.

For Cape Town Tourism, we know that our gazebo has been photographed and visited by over 72 nations (and counting), and we honour the responsibility we have at contributing positively to the perception of South African service and hospitality.

For you, our customers, we have organised ourselves to ensure that we are  most consistent present fixed site trader on Camps Bay, year-in, year-out. Between October and end April, chance are that if the weathers good, you will find us there, as early as 9 am. We will stay till 6, weather permitting and even as late as 8pm.
Within the limitation of our trade conditions, we aim never to turn anyone away.

Finally, to our sponsors whom we have been genuinely fortunate to partner with excellent by the value they have added value to our business, we in turn are actively dedicated to representing their best.

Further to this, MOTB has developed as a learning organisation and is the founder and funder of the not-for-profit Hand-up Hands-on Program, a skills development program which all our staff partake in. This 4-module program aims to develop the personal and business skills of future wellness professionals, thereby contributing to the professional development of the wellness industry in South Africa.

Customers, staff and our sponsors love MASSAGE ON THE BEACH. I would wish it no other way.

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